Coconut Monkey, where are you? Where have you been hiding all these years? I miss you.

I'm still looking forward to Gravy Trader you know, but I understand, you have no hands...

Well, until I see you again, I guess we'll have to do with something entirely unrelated below...

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Or if you were looking for my Sven-Coop sound board, then you took a slightly wrong turn.

It's over here:

Or maybe you were interesting in a fun game trainer website where I test trainers for?

This way cheaters:

Or maybe you'd like to game with me some time on Steam or another gaming platform?

Steam or Xbox: LittlBUGer
Discord: littlbuger
Blizzard/ LittlBUGer#1427

Or you were possibly looking to play a great online game that you don't really have to play at all?

Check out IdleLands: or Godville:
or Impossible Dungeon (Android mobile only): Google Play Store

Page Revised: 9/20/2023
Like you really cared anyway... sorry, the loss of Coconut Monkey really gets me emotional, jeez...
Coconut Monkey